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Cathrene Glick, PG, CEG, CHG, QSD has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of engineering geology, groundwater hydrology, basin/watershed hydrology, environmental remedial management, earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering, and construction technology in private industry and with the federal government.

As Director of Water Resources at G3SoilWorks, Ms. Glick is charged with providing the highest quality of hydrogeological and hydrologic services to our water district, municipal agency, and private clients to assure stability of water supplies, water storage, water treatment, and water distribution systems.

Ms. Glick has managed and performed detailed assessments for the development and sustainable use of groundwater resources including: private and public water well design and construction oversight; well field and basin expansion assessments for Federal properties. Her investigations for these projects included: geologic mapping, hydrogeologic investigations, stratigraphic analysis, installation of test wells, pump testing, validation of 3-D stratigraphic and ground water flow models, and water budget estimates, well construction design and specifications, contractor bidding and selection, and field inspection/construction support during production well construction. Key projects have included investigations and designs for developing water supplies for golf courses, residential communities, military base expansion, and the private water supply for President Reagan's western white house in the Santa Isabel mountains of Santa Barbara County.

Ms. Glick has performed basin hydrology assessments for mitigation of flood hazards due to wildfire depletion of hillside vegetation and uncontrolled watershed runoff and has supported civil and geotechnical engineering design of catch basins, stream channel realignment/restoration, and rigid and flexible debris retention structure construction. She has performed lake condition water quality and circulation assessments which included: visual survey of lake perimeters and liners to assess integrity and continued serviceable life, water budget assessment, circulation assessment, pump evaluations, and water quality assessment for sustainable aquatic habitat. Also performed lake sediment surveys to assess vertical and lateral extent of sediment deposition and sources of sediment from erosion and storm drain discharge and discharge permit compliance. She has prepared lake aeration system specifications/criteria and bid documents for contractor solicitation and provided quality assurance inspection during installation.

Ms. Glick has performed and managed environmental site assessment services for Phase I and Phase II ESA's for property transfers throughout California. She has performed Phase II-III Site Characterization Investigations to assess the impact and to define vertical/ lateral extent of groundwater contamination resulting from petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent compounds. She has performed Sensitive Receptor Survey's and Plume Migration Assessments and prepared Remedial Action Feasibility Studies for implementing Remedial Action Plans coordinating with various local and state agencies for administrative oversight. She has been responsible for the designed, installation, and operation/maintenance of groundwater recovery systems, air sparge bioaugmentation, and dual-phase vapor extraction systems throughout California. In addition, she has prepared Materials Management Plans to address specific contaminants of concern for construction activities, prepared risk assessments for these compounds, and established “project wide” remedial goals to support remediation action and reduce construction delays. She has also provided professional geologic oversight for installation of landfill gas extraction wells for landfill closures and land reuse.

Ms. Glick has also been responsible for the management and execution of geologic and geotechnical engineering investigations throughout the Western United States for residential, educational, commercial, industrial, Municipal, and Federal design and construction projects. Specific projects have included geologic and seismic hazards studies, foundation and paving designs, rock excavation through blasting or jack-expansion techniques, soil and rock excavation shoring evaluations, construction dewatering, hillside dewatering and landslide stabilization, and earthen buttress construction for commercial and residential properties. She has performed probabilistic hazard and ground motion assessments to evaluate the level of ground shaking with respect to the acceptable levels of risk for design and retrofit projects. As a member of the NAVFAC Natural Hazards Disaster Evaluation Team, she conducted extensive post-earthquake investigations to evaluate structural and infrastructure damage to develop rapid repair designs to mitigate the damage.
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