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Of the many types of services we provide, environmental assessment is probably one of the least understood and most undervalued of services. The laws and regulations that govern environmental compliance today are staggering. Typically, it requires both scientists and attorneys to work hand in hand with evaluation and interpreting laws as they apply to a particular development or particular use for a property.

If done poorly, few things can get you into more trouble than an improperly performed ESA. Our experts recognize that the past uses of properties and surrounding properties can have a serious effect on property valuation. We assess the property checking that it is suitable for habitation and that there are no major liabilities under current law the owner of that property would be liable for. Through diligent and proper environmental assessment we help you as the developer or land owner to understand the nature of your property and its history with regard to environmental exposure and risk. If such risks or hazards are identified, we can assist you in managing those risks and minimizing their effects on your bottom line.

Environmental management

  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental audits and background
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Chemical treatment and pollution reduction
  • Environmental testing / evaluation – chemical fate
  • Legacy effects and mitigations – including DDT, metals, halogenates, petroleum, abandoned wells, etc.
  • Contaminant and product recovery and cleanup
  • Bio-treatment and aeration / oxidation
  • Environmental compliance testing and documentation
  • Environmental issues associated with development
  • Government facilities cleanup and reclamation
  • Environmental hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management