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Geoforensics is after the fact evaluation of issues and occurrences that involve the ground such as landslides, earthquakes, and natural hazards and disasters. Our experts know what they are talking about as they work around design and construction on a regular, hands-on basis. We have an exceptionally broad base of both experience and understanding and are experts in many fields including soil, water, moisture, vapor, chemical fate, concrete, corrosion, soil moisture and groundwater, and drainage. This understanding is enhanced and tempered by strong practical experiences with nearly all aspects of grading, development, foundations, and their behavior. We are not merely "professional experts”. Rather, the majority of our daily work is practical hands-on design and development. We thrive in spaces that most experts find uncomfortable.

We are experienced in various legal proceedings including mediation, arbitration, depositions, trials, expert forums, and public presentations. President of G3SoilWorks, Larry Fanning, has served as a Judicial Reference in complex CD cases, a Subject Matter Expert to the Board of Registration for Engineers and Geologists, and was appointed and served as a board member to the California State Mining and Geology Board. Other members of our senior staff have similar levels of experience and expertise with regard to forensics and expert witness services.

Geoforensics and Expert Witness

  • Litigation support
  • Expert witness services – including, but not limited to:
    • Earthwork and embankment design, construction, and performance
    • Foundations and concrete
    • Pool, deck, flatwork performance and behavior
    • Building performance, senate bill 800
    • Tract performance – common areas
    • Utilities – design, performance, and construction of trenchwork
    • Pipe leaks, subsurface moisture, vapor, and water behavior
    • Expansive and clay soil issues
    • Slopes and creep / lateral extension / softening effects
    • Landslides and ground instability
    • Hillsides, slopes, and natural processes
    • Soil equilibrium and vegetation / irrigation issues
    • Post-tensioned slabs
    • Retaining walls
    • MSE structures
    • Infiltration and seepage
    • Engineering groundwater
    • Storm water control
    • Homeowner association issues
    • Subsurface corrosion – metals and concrete
    • Groundwater and its occurrence
    • Geochemistry chemical fate in subsurface
    • Concrete – foundations and slabs
    • Basin evaluation and safe yield estimation
    • Hydrogeology
    • Well / wellfield design, construction, development, and performance
    • SMARA and related Reclamation issues
    • CEQA, NEPA, and related Environmental Impact issues
    • Earthquakes and Seismicity
    • Vibration Effects
  • Expert Public Adjuster and Insurance Support Services
  • Weird Foundation Behavior
  • Foundation and Soil Stabilization and Repair
  • Second and Third Party Reviews
  • Hazard Assessment, Mitigation, and Risk Management – Due Diligence