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Knowledgeable and efficient geotechnical engineering is essential for safe, secure, and environmentally responsible construction. Developers and landowners may require the assistance of our engineers, geologists, and hydrologists in planning and developing properties for the private and public sector. The G3 team expertly navigates California’s varied terrain from site assessments to fault hazard evaluation and stabilization of ground & slope.

We review your project, perform a site investigation, and determine how the engineering and geological properties of your location will affect the planning of your project. Our experts can provide quality assurance and quality control consulting services throughout design and construction activities.

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Preliminary exploration / geotechnical and engineering geology assessment
  • Grading plan review and development
  • EIR and SP planning input
  • Seismicity and seismic ground response estimation
  • Foundation design – deep, shallow, hillside, tunnel, basement / subterranean
  • Foundation repair and re-leveling
  • Pools
  • Decking and flatwork
  • Expansive soils – design and mitigation (includes creep, lateral extension, differential expansion, hill-top effects, mixed foundations, vegetation effects)
  • Streets, roadways, drives, pavement design and evaluation
  • Utilities – trenchwork design and construction support, wet, dry, or specialized
  • Corrosion of buried materials
  • Ground stabilization and repair
  • Hillside stabilization and slope restoration
  • Observation and testing – construction documentation
  • Soil laboratory testing
  • Concrete, special duty concrete
  • Water / moisture / vapor control
  • MSE structure design and construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Pipelines
  • Hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management
  • Experience: heavy hillside, landslide terrain, active faults, alluvial / valley, soft ground, shallow groundwater – residential, commercial, entertainment, roadway / utility, water projects.