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Water is one of our most precious “at risk” commodities. Nearly all of California’s watersheds, lakes, and streams have been degraded to some extent by past and ongoing human activities. Due to this, watershed restoration activities are becoming more important and will involve increased use of stormwater capture, recycled water recharge, and treatment of degraded groundwater to restore water supplies and sustain habitat for native fish, amphibians and benthic communities, and avian species. Our hydrogeologists, hydrologists, and engineers provide surface water and stormwater hydrology and hydraulic analysis to support infrastructure management and control and facility expansion design. Our approach to surface water and stormwater infrastructure planning, design and management integrates source control, conveyance control, low-impact development techniques and quality enhancements to provide protection of beneficial water resources.

Hydrology and Surface Water

  • Erosion control
  • Slope drainage
  • Irrigation controls and impacts of landscaping
  • Storm water basin design and construction (and repair)
  • Storm water controls – design, construction, and long-term monitoring
  • Infiltration and seepage – storm water systems
  • Water quality, treatment and polishing – geo-swales and bio-swales
  • Vegetation
  • Storm water conveyance
  • Storm drain trench design and construction
  • Channel design and construction
  • Stream and channel rehabilitation
  • Canals
  • Scour estimation and similar design services
  • Alluvial channel behavior
  • River systems
  • Lakes and lacustrine systems
  • Lake and water feature design and construction
  • Aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Flash-flood, mudslide, and other hazards evaluation
  • Wastewater and tailwater reclamation
  • Environmental / contaminant issues and controls
  • Interrelation between surface and groundwater systems
  • Wetlands
  • Salt playas