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We provide consulting and engineering support regarding a vast spectrum of instrumentation, associated monitoring and jurisdictional compliance. Please reach out to us at any time to assist with data and information development strategies, compliance requirements, or to help solve additional issues. The goal is to produce results that do not create unnecessary concerns, lead to violations, or shut down projects. Given that we understand the science behind the instrumentation, we can control the collection of data and the design of the systems, both onsite and remotely. We want to get to the issues at hand before they become a problem. Our main objective is safety while providing means to rapidly track and adapt to a wide variety of changing conditions.


  • Vibration and Sound Monitoring
    (Both On-Site and Remote)
  • TDR: Time-Domain Reflectometry
    (Both On-Site and Remote)
  • Ultra Sound, X-Ray and Other Imagining Techniques
  • GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar
  • FLIR: Forward Looking Infrared
  • Trenching and Tunneling
  • Electromagnetics and Resistivity
  • Slope Inclinometer
  • Tilt Meters
  • Crack Monitors
  • Manometer Measurements and Analysis
  • Piezometer Installation and WaterLevel Monitoring
  • Water Well Logging Equipment
  • Pump and Slug Tests
  • Chemical and Physical Water Quality Analysis, in-field and laboratory
  • Weather and Climate Measurements
  • Tracer Tests in Pipes, Groundwater, and Surface Water
  • Pipe, Channel, Stream, and Pump Flow Rate Determination
  • Humidity and Moisture/ VaporTransmission Rates
  • Soil Vapor Determination
  • Soil Moisture Determination
  • Extensometer (Stress / Strain)
  • Organic Vapor Analyzer
  • PID: Photo Ionization Detector
  • Specific Chemical Monitoring
  • Vegetation and Habitat Surveys
  • Wetland and Jurisdictional Delineation
  • Evapotranspiration Measurements


  • Demolition and Construction
  • Pile Driving
  • Caisson Excavations
  • Shoring Installation
  • Pavement Design and Evaluation
  • Trenching and Tunneling
  • Soil Corrosion Mitigation
  • Geologic Hazard Assessment
  • Seismicity and Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • Hazmat and Oil Field Services
  • Borehole Logging
  • Geological, Geomorphological, Sedimentological, and Structural Research, Analysis, and Reporting Services
  • Drainage Design and Implementation
  • Dewatering Design and Implementation
  • Groundwater Management Analysis, Design, and Support
  • Storm water Management and Mitigation
  • Storm water Management and Mitigation
  • Well Field Design and Support
  • Well Installation Design and Support
  • Water Well Logging
  • Chemical Transport and Fate Analysis
  • Recharge Basin Performance
  • Resource Conservation
  • Mining Reclamation Plans
  • Needs Assessment for Biological and Cultural Concerns
  • Archaeological Services
  • Biological Services
  • Paleontological Services
  • Regulatory Services for Biological and Cultural Concerns
  • Mitigation Monitoring and Compliance Reporting
  • Revegetation and CEQA5-Year Reporting
  • Map and Figure Creation
  • Expert Witness and RelatedLegal Services