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Jurisdictional Compliance services include a broad spectrum of professional support that allows for the development of a project and its conformance with applicable laws, regulations, and codes. In the Western United States, California in particular, jurisdictional compliance can be incredibly complicated and involve numerous agencies. Despite this, a client must be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations that may govern the setting, construction, or viability of the project.

We at G3SoilWorks have extensive experience with such complex jurisdictional requirements and members of our senior staff have served in government regulatory capacities. Our services include assisting with compliance when it comes to environmental, hazmat, storm drain runoff, air quality management, groundwater protection, natural resources, and habitat protection regulations. With regard to applicable codes and standards in construction and construction methodology, we provide a broad set of services to achieve compliance goals – whether related to predevelopment, EIR / SP levels both in-construction or post construction.

Jurisdictional Compliance

  • Planning support
  • Seismic and geo hazard – schools, developments, hospitals
  • Reclamation support
  • Private landholder / HOA support
  • Stormwater and runoff support
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Repairs, expansion, and restoration – existing developments
  • Change of use
  • Special compliance issues
  • Emergency response – ground related failures, floods, earthquakes