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What makes us unique and different from most geologists, engineers and hydrologists is simple; we have an exceptionally broad base of both experience and understanding. We are experts in many areas of geoscience, including but not limited to: clay soils, hard rock and fractured rock, water, moisture, vapor, chemical fate, concrete, corrosion, soil moisture and groundwater, drainage, ground stabilization, monitoring, and spill containment. This understanding is enhanced and tempered by strong practical experience with nearly all aspects of grading, development, foundations, and their behavior.

Although we do have an extensive background as “professional experts”, this is not all we do. The majority of our daily work consists of practical hands-on design, quality assurance, and quality control in construction. We appreciate a challenge, and thrive in spaces most experts would find uncomfortable.

We Utilize the G3Method to unearth the truth.


At G3SoilWorks, we are always embracing and exploring science. Our team knows what junk science is and what is genuine, and how to address both. A basic understanding of the issues at hand does not satisfy us. G3SoilWorks experts recognize the complex interactions of multiple aspects, intrinsic and otherwise, that form the environment in which the issue occurs. Our experts rarely find issues within our purview occurring simplistically or in the absence of influence of the environment of occurrence.

G3SoilWorks experts are skeptical of seemingly obvious and easily accepted findings. Controlling factors are often subtle and therefore missed by those without a broad spectrum of understanding and experience.

Through a combination of science, forensics, philosophy, and experience, we approach each project as a blank canvas. We look at all perspectives, whether it is easily observed or opaque. Gathering data from all available sources and continuing to search for those that are still hidden set us apart. Our professionals apply experience, knowledge, and sound scientific method to each case. This complete approach combined with our open philosophy is the G3Method.


We bring forth the following unique combination of skill sets with respect to the design and construction aspects of pipelineconstruction and forensics after the fact:

  • Decades of hands on experience in both design and construction / implementation of a wide variety of utility corridors and systems;
  • An intrinsic understanding of both hard and soft rock, including where jointed and fractured, as well as in Karst terrain and the effects of groundwater and seepage;
  • Understanding and strong experience in soft ground and its stabilization;
  • Significant understanding and experience in the engineering aspects of adverse groundwater and its control;
  • Ability to recognize and reconcile unanticipated adverse geologic conditions such as faulting, slope stability, variations in material type and consistency;
  • The ability to quickly evaluate and develop effective mitigation measures to address a variety of issues that may be encountered on the fly and  in the field – such as collapsed ground, sinkhole development, quick ground, spills, trench instability issues, and other encountered utilities /  crossing and their influence;
  • Strong working knowledge of codes and their application to the subject work including the addressing of environmental and jurisdictional  requirements with respect to EIR and conservation issues;
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of trench installation, backfilling, compaction, tunneling / drilling techniques;
  • Recognized experts in the forensic aspects of pipeline construction and design as well as addressing issues relating to corrosion and long term performance;
  • Fully capable of a variety of risk management and instrumentation / monitoring before, during, and after construction;
  • In addition to our direct experience with pipeline we are knowledgeable in general earthwork, grading, construction, road building, and development;
  • We pride ourselves in working with contractors, clients and jurisdictional agencies / third parties to develop a unified front for a successful project.


  • Trench Stability
  • Structural Geology
  • Lithology
  • Hydrology
  • Rippability/Blasting
  • Groundwater and seepage
  • Corrosion
  • Tunneling
  • Backfill
  • Compressibility and settlement
  • Heave, expansion and shrinkage
  • Laboratory testing
  • Hazmat/shear pin control
  • Water quality
  • Environmental
  • Liquefaction
  • Fault studies
  • Material type transitions
  • Slope stability
  • Unsuitable soil stabilization
  • Sound and vibration
  • Instrumentation