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Natures resources are precious, as are the habitats that are often associated with these resources. At G3SoilWorks, we look for balance between the development and utilization of resources and long term preservation of the environment associated with them. We specialize in a variety of natural resources, the management considerations of their development, and ultimately recovery and reclamation after the fact. We aim to restore beneficial use of the habitats with regard to renewable or semi renewable resources such as wind, solar power, and water. We specialize in formulation of long term monitoring and mitigation programs to maximize the viability of the resources and its long term serviceability, while simultaneously protecting the natural systems involved with such projects.

Resource Recovery and Reclamation

  • Environmental assessment – phase 1
    and 2
  • Mine permitting and operations
  • Mine compliance and SMARA
  • Mine compliance and CEQA / NEPA
  • Special mine reclamation plan / report development
  • Mine recovery and compliance – disturbed grounds, outside of permit, storm damage and/or runoff, slope assessment and repair
  • Formulation of mine monitoring, mitigation, and management programs
  • Mine closure, final beneficial use
  • Recovery and reclamation of legacy properties and mine operations
  • Mitigation and stabilization of open pit and tailing disposal area
  • Restoration and re-vegetation
  • Mineral resource zone evaluations
  • Interface with local and state mining officials
  • Reclamation of oilfield terrain
  • Recovery of resources
  • Landfills – influence / risks evaluation, design, operations, grading and construction, closure, post-closure (including gas and leachate monitoring)
  • Reclamation of challenging ground
  • Hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management