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Risk Management and hazard identification go hand in hand with nearly all the other services we provide. G3SoilWorks experts are specialists in the evaluation of hazards that may be present in the ground or environment surrounding a property. This evaluation plays a great role in the usability, viability, and long term success of any development or properties use. Risks include environmental hazmat type issues and ground and natural related phenomenon. Risk management starts with appropriate hazard identification and characterization. There are two primary aspects of risk management that apply to our work. The first is identification of environmental hazmat type considerations including past uses, presence of chemical toxic waste and hazardous materials, DDT on premises, past spills, and a variety of other activities. The second is the environmental considerations that are caused by the proximity of other operations in the area such as industrial and agricultural uses.

Our experts assess and evaluate risks associated with naturally occurring hazards of a geologic, seismic, and climatic nature including active faulting, earthquakes, seismic issues, land sliding, ground instability, flash flood and storm runoff issues, and related climate issues. We specialize in the recognition and proper characterization of these hazards with educated and strategic evaluation of those risks to the proposed development and its success. Through proper understanding of potential risks to a property we are able to develop appropriate mitigation methods to further reduce those risks to an acceptable level.

Risk Management