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The proficient team at G3SoilWorks has considerable experience in services related to hydrology and hydrogeology. We have developed investigative techniques and numerical modeling applications to evaluate groundwater flow for construction de-watering, municipal water supply development, percolation / infiltration basins, and groundwater contamination remediation. When an issue occurs and you require a knowledgeable expert to discover a solution to the problem, ask the G3 team to assist.

expertise and past project experience

  • Structural and tectonic basin development and characterization
  • Regional contexting of controlling geologic features and units
  • Conjunctive use
  • Water resource occurrence and sustainability
  • Structural evaluation of aquifer systems, and their occurrence and development
  • Subsurface exploration for water
  • Geophysics applications to groundwater
  • Evaluation of recharge and recovery of basins and aquifers
  • Water chemistry issues evaluation of chemical fate
  • Oxidation / reduction water chemistry, ionics, and equilibria
  • Aerobic and anaerobic processes
  • Water quality
  • Drinking water chemistry and water treatment
  • Multiple use basins and water banking
  • Integrated regional water management
  • Groundwater monitoring, mitigation, and management program development
  • Use of instrumentation and remote sensing for water management
  • Well and wellfield design and construction
  • Pump testing, basin stress testing
  • Well development
  • Subsidence, basin capacity and storage issues
  • Evaluation of pumping wells and well fields on aquifer systems
  • Alluvial systems alluvial stream / riparian / groundwater relationships
  • Hyporheic (“underground stream”) and phreatic systems
  • Groundwater enhancement and recharge
  • Well assessment, and well and wellfield rehabilitation
  • Groundwater and seepage behavior
  • Groundwater flow and thermodynamics
  • Drainage, subdrainage, and seepage
  • Sidehill drainage – hydraugers
  • Field and tile drainage
  • Salt management
  • Environmental / contaminant issues and controls
  • Plume and transport development in groundwater systems