Why Oil Companies Need GeoTech Companies like G3

October, 31 2014

Oil Drilling

The oil industry in the U.S. is growing at an accelerated rate, with rapid growth projected into 2015! Currently there are over half a million miles of petroleum and natural gas pipeline flowing across the U.S. , numerous natural gas plants, and 139 operating oil refineries on American soil. Considering that the oil industry is one of the most regulated industries in the country, oil companies heavily rely on firms like G3SoilWorks to provide expert assessment and thorough awareness about ever-evolving guidelines and codes for new construction sites.

Our engineers, hydrologists, and geologists at G3SoilWorks offer a combined 100 years+   of experience in construction and engineering. We work within the strict parameters of agency requirements and oil industry guidelines to ensure that your structures and projects meet applicable codes. Our team has assisted many companies (not limited to oil) in the following areas:

  • New build site assessment and safety
  • Review before improvements on current facilities
  • Assessing structural safety of new pipelines
  • Environmental damage prevention and issues
  • Water development

G3SoilWorks has maintained a pristine safety record since establishing our firm in 2009. We take safety seriously. Our stringent Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and our certified safety manager help us to follow safety protocols during fieldwork. In addition to personal safety, we are dedicated to ensuring your build site is safe for construction before you take on a project or purchase land for development. We provide the expert planning, assessment, and support required to build strong, environmentally sound refineries, plants, and pipeline.

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