I consider G3 to be the most premier, sophisticated soil professionals in the industry… G3 has always been able to provide an answer where 3-4 other firms could not.

Ira Lebovic
Litigation Lawyer

G3’s passion for solving difficult problems is why I’d trust them with any project.

John Browning
Litigation Lawyer

They were always thinking of ways to solve problems, along with traditional solid geology. They were integral to our design team, our EIR process and made it all work exceedingly well.

Orange County, CA

Larry Fanning happened to be on the [California] State Geology board, so that helped us in negotiations with the various agencies to get them to understand our situation and why we didn’t have tremendous risks. He knew the people, he knew the words, he knew the process, and that helped us not have to spend money sooner than we needed to and to actually come up with the right solution for our mine reclamation plant.

Blair D. Dahl | Developer/Builder
Irvine, Ca

They came up with a really amazing storm water solution that they combined with a rock fill. was really brilliant, solid in terms of characterizing geology of our site, dealing with several earthquake faults, and all kinds of rock formations, and really helped us quantify costs and understand what it was really going to take to develop a really big piece of land with a lot of earth moving. They were just a great team member taught us a bunch about geology and actually made geology interesting, for a change…

Blair D. Dahl | Developer/Builder
Irvine, Ca

They are unconventional, and they’re not predisposed to the answers. They come in and find the real solutions and the real answers to the problems, and they don’t compromise their own integrity.

Marshall Krupp
Vistage International


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