Crack Monitoring

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Crack Monitoring Solutions in California

Concrete may have solved a vast majority of construction challenges – but it’s not free from defects. One of the unavoidable weaknesses of concrete is its tendency to crack – but not all cracks are the same!

All cracks in concrete flatwork and foundations of your construction project have a story – and the source of these tiny cracks have the potential to topple over structures, bridges, walls, roads. You name it.

This is why it helps to be proactive rather than reactive with crack monitoring services. Our services take various aspects into account such as site setting, soil composition, earthquake history, construction quality, and more.

At G3SoilWorks, our aim is to provide robust, reliable, and fast crack monitoring services for clients. We offer extensive consultancy programs with the help of expert professionals. We can help you upgrade your project, complete new builds, and keep track of regular work. Our team can also assist in various engineering projects including road and bridge construction.

Our team helps pick up the minute differences that occur over time in any construction project, whether it is shifting ground or base structures. This is possible due to the use of advanced monitoring tools such as crack gauges that give accurate monitoring of cracks and openings.

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