Environmental Management

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Environmental Assessment Service Consultants

Experts in environmental testing and identification of potential risks

Of the many types of services we provide, an environmental assessment is probably one of the least understood and most undervalued of services. The laws and regulations that govern environmental compliance today are staggering. Typically, it requires both scientists and attorneys to work hand in hand with evaluation and interpreting laws as they apply to a particular development or particular use for a property.

If done poorly, few things can get you into more trouble than an improperly performed ESA. Our experts recognize that the past uses of properties and surrounding properties can have a serious effect on property valuation. We assess the property checking that it is suitable for habitation and that there are no major liabilities under current law the owner of that property would be liable for. Through diligent and proper environmental assessment, we help you as the developer or landowner to understand the nature of your property and its history with regard to environmental exposure and risk. If such risks or hazards are identified, we can assist you in managing those risks and minimizing their effects on your bottom line.

Environmental Assessments

Quantifying and analyzing hazard elements on environmental inspections is one of the key aspects of environmental management. These assessments are drawn up with bases in scientific observations and can determine the steps that must be taken for land use and development. Proper identification and anticipation of risk factors and troubled elements of a land site can help take measures that would eliminate or reduce this risk factor and effectively save the land’s value and use.

Environmental assessment services consist in audits that are performed as evaluations of compliance and management which help identify any misuse or omission that would need to be corrected. Similar to financial audits, we can help with the follow-through on environmental audits that would anticipate those performed by US agencies, thus assisting in the compliance of regulatory statutes for environmental management.

We prove assistance and consulting with the complex task of environmental checks in order to assure a land follows through with regulations and applicable laws. In anticipation of any intervention from the government entities, we can assist in the verification and documentation process that validates the environmental compliance of land developments.

Chemical fate studies and evaluations take into account the behavior of different chemicals on certain sites and their effect on the surrounding environment. In the event – whether hypothetical or already-past – of a spill, we assist with finding solutions for determining how these material spills or exposures would affect lands and environments, aiding in preventing risk situations or helping determine past events with detailed scientific understanding.

Environmental cleanup and recovery efforts require the ability to respond to a wide range of issues all at once: Environmental, biological, geological, hydrological, engineering and legal response must be provided all at once to manage a recovery plan. We provide the necessary expertise in all fields to help manage this complex task, assisting in the recovery and restoration of lands and carrying the knowledge to handle events efficiently and with safe actions.

Managing materials and sites that have been contaminated or damaged by human activity require tools and methods of project engineering that can assure the cleanup compliance and chemical treatment necessary can be achieved effectively. We are able to assist you with environmental consultancy services for the management of polluted lands and resources and their effective treatment and cleanup.

  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental audits and background
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Chemical treatment and pollution reduction
  • Environmental testing / evaluation – chemical fate
  • Legacy effects and mitigations – including DDT, metals, halogenates, petroleum, abandoned wells, etc.
  • Contaminant and product recovery and cleanup
  • Bio-treatment and aeration / oxidation
  • Environmental compliance testing and documentation
  • Environmental issues associated with development
  • Government facilities cleanup and reclamation
  • Environmental hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management