Resource and Reclamation

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Resource Recovery Consulting Experts

Expert Advisors in Environmental Recovery Services and Mine Reclamation

Nature’s resources are precious, as are the habitats that are often associated with these resources. At G3SoilWorks, we look for a balance between the development and utilization of resources and long term preservation of the environment associated with them. We specialize in a variety of natural resources, the management considerations of their development, and ultimately recovery and reclamation after the fact. We aim to restore beneficial use of the habitats with regard to renewable or semi renewable resources such as wind, solar power, and water. We specialize in the formulation of long term monitoring and mitigation programs to maximize the viability of the resources and their long term serviceability, while simultaneously protecting the natural systems involved with such projects.


Environmental assessments – phase 1 and 2

We perform environmental assessments in two phases that allow for an in-depth study of the natural impact any human endeavors might have had on the environment and the necessary steps to perform an effective resource recovery operation. With our expertise, scientific background, and experience, we are more than able to formulate and assist with the restoration of natural resources and protect natural spaces, minimizing the environmental impact of human activities and complying with applicable laws in the US.


Restoration and re-vegetation

Within our consultancy services, natural habitat restoration and revegetation plans are drawn up to meet and/or exceed regulation demands on land impact mitigation. In this sense, we help with the design of irrigation and land redevelopment, as well as its design and monitoring.


Recovery of resources

We are able to assist in the management of waste recycling, waste disposal, and environmental impact mitigation and recovery. Along these lines, we are well informed in the resource recovery processes needed to help companies achieve their environmental goals and uphold all regulations for their activities.

Mining Resource Recovery Consulting:

A great number of regulatory needs are to be met if mining operations are to be performed, either for the start, continuing, or closing activities of any mining business. Local, state, and federal agencies are to be satisfied in allowing the smooth operations through the expedition of permits, in which we can provide consulting services to facilitate their expedition.

Regulatory laws and statutes are in place to mitigate the negative influence of mining operations on public health and the environment. Under acts such as the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a great number of rules and procedures must be followed when engaging in mining operations and endeavors.


As such, we provide the necessary consultancy services for these processes and regulations to be passed, facilitating compliance and smooth operations under these circumstances.

After a mine reclamation process has been undertaken, the performance of the land must be monitored and examined to determine the evolution of vegetation, soils, it’s productivity, and its ecosystem. This is an integral part of the land reclamation process since it will prove or disprove the success and/or completion of the reclamation process.

Mine recovery efforts have to deal with geological and geotechnical issues, as well as hydrological and hydrogeological challenges that must be approached with the utmost efficiency and care to assure the success of the recovery operation. Our specialization as geotech consultants allows us to employ the full expertise of our team of geologists, engineers, hydrologists, and technicians to follow through on the realization of mine recovery projects.

Ending activities on a mining operation is a careful process that must be managed correctly to meet expectations successfully. A clear mine closing plan that takes into account the environmental aspects of such an operation and takes importance on the restoration of its habitat as much to do with the success of the mining operation itself.


As such, we provide our consulting efforts and expertise to ensure the plans drawn up for the mine closure are both well-informed, well-researched and ultimately successful. The end result of a mining closure is a functional habitat that has a final use for the environment or the local community.

In many mining operations, waste tailing is always greater than the ore extracted the mining activity itself, with the proportions depending on the mineral type being extracted. Open-pit mining and mining operations which employ tailing disposal areas can have a major impact on the environment due to their release of materials such as mercury and arsenic.


A proper mitigation plan must be in place both to comply with regulations and to minimize the environmental impact of any mining operation. Within our environmental services and consulting practices, we are able to draw out optimal plans for these mitigation requirements.

Mineral resource evaluations determine the amount and type of materials that are in any given site, with the accuracy of these evaluations determined and estimated on a scientific and experimental basis. Accurate reading and reports of the mineral makeup of an underground site is a necessary measure to take when taking into account the start of a mining operation, as well as its eventual closure and site reclamation.

We have a long and successful history of experience assisting in as the link between different companies and landowners. As mining officials from different agencies make their due diligence if inspection, outreach, and regulatory functions, we can help both parties have an effective collaboration and communication that would lead to a smooth transition of operation of mini projects, land developments, compliance regulation, and reclamation efforts, and resource recovery projects.

When performing modern environmental developments, oilfield reclamations operations take a different aspect that those in mine development, as different regulations kick in depending on the type of extraction and drilling being performed.


We are capable of guiding you during the process of land reclamation during all stages of oil and gas extraction and development, ensuring the endeavor goes through from beginning to end to everyone’s satisfaction.

Landfill risk assessments must progress according to specific conditions both for the site where the landfill is located and the type of waste material being dumped in place. As such, a risk analysis process must be effectively employed to coordinate and anticipate the environmental issues and those related to the living conditions and property conditions surrounding the site.


We provide expert consultancy from a geological, hydrogeological, engineering, and technical aspect to determine the best conditions and processes through which a landfill area is to be developed, maintained, and reclaimed.

As we perform our environmental services and consulting roles, we are perfectly capable of undertaking the task of attending to challenging ground reclamation projects. With our geotechnical and environmental expertise, we are able to determine the ideal solutions for challenging reclamation efforts and cases.

Within our functions as environmental consultants and through such a standpoint, we are able to anticipate and prepare for any natural event that would otherwise harm or impede the realization of land reclamation and recovery efforts. With our analysis, method, and oversight, we can determine the feasibility and avoid hurdles in the realization of lard reclamation projects.

  • Environmental assessment – phase 1
    and 2
  • Mine permitting and operations
  • Mine compliance and SMARA
  • Mine compliance and CEQA / NEPA
  • Special mine reclamation plan / report development
  • Mine recovery and compliance – disturbed grounds, outside of permit, storm damage and/or runoff, slope assessment and repair
  • Formulation of mine monitoring, mitigation, and management programs
  • Mine closure, final beneficial use
  • Recovery and reclamation of legacy properties and mine operations
  • Mitigation and stabilization of open pit and tailing disposal area
  • Restoration and re-vegetation
  • Mineral resource zone evaluations
  • Interface with local and state mining officials
  • Reclamation of oilfield terrain
  • Recovery of resources
  • Landfills – influence / risks evaluation, design, operations, grading and construction, closure, post-closure (including gas and leachate monitoring)
  • Reclamation of challenging ground
  • Hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management