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The A&E community partners with G3SoilWorks on a multitude of challenges and projects. What makes us unique is not solely our ability to help with due diligence, design and construction of typical foundation and grading issues. We are unique also due to our capability to solve difficult and challenging issues and identify issues you may not have realized were occurring. The G3 team appreciates an opportunity to share our knowledge, and with this our partnership becomes more valuable on both ends. The following topics can be readily presented at your request to future your understanding regarding soil, rock, and behavior:

  • Corrosion potential of dissimilar metals
  • Effects and methodology of clay, corrosion, and moisture transmission
  • How to understand and deal with slope creep
  • How to understand and deal with expansive soils
  • Is an identified fault really active and what is the appropriate risk?
  • The origin of the subject area with respect to plate tectonics and lithology
  • Groundwater potential and methods of transmissivity in both soil and rock
  • Slab and wall moisture and vapor transmission
  • Landsliding and/or misinterpretations of bedrock fabric as a result of shearing, folding, and compressive forces
  • Tunneling, stability, and excavation issues


The G3 team will help your team with the entire development process. This includes due diligence and mitigation reports, design and construction services, post construction evaluation, and identification of problems and conditions that need mitigation. We are able to assist you with a defensible position as to why these solutions are satisfactory. Our staff at G3 has an extensive background as “professional experts”, which helps our overall ability to foresee real issues as opposed to desktop issues.