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November, 30 2014

Simply defined, philosophy is the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of a group or individual. Coming from the ancient greek word philosophia, which literally means “love of wisdom”, philosophy is a powerful force. A great governor in the conscious and subconscious decision making process. Admittedly, it’s not a typical term you would hear in conjunction with geological engineering, but with the G3SoilWorks team… it’s all about philosophy.

Whether realised or not, philosophy is what guides our thoughts, perceptions, and ultimately, our actions. The first response to any problem starts with philosophy. Unfortunately, in the field of geotechnical engineering, philosophy is too quickly ignored; replaced with immediate forward progress and supposed fact and intelligence. Too often, firms in this field of expertise have an overpowering basic belief about a project – we have the answers. When data doesn’t line up, it’s okay, because they have the answers. When unforeseen geological abnormalities present, they push forward, justified by their answers. But eventually, mother nature is victorious as projects are delayed and budgets are exhausted. It’s at this point the G3SoilWorks team is finally recommended – a unique team, with a unique philosophy, that is yet to have been outsmarted by any fold, fissure or factor the earth has thrown at them. The source of their success? The G3 Method and the philosophy ruling it.

Iconic to all, reverenced by some, the great Bruce Lee is a mentor and example to the G3SoilWorks team. Central to his success, his own philosophy of “using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation” truly illustrates the philosophy of the G3SoilWorks team and their G3 Method. Like Alice Roosevelt Longworth, their philosophy is simple: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. It doesn’t matter if the solution is blatant, or if they’ve solved a similar problem in a previous project, or if the data looks glaringly obvious. Before the team moves on with their phased approach, they ensure they’ve emptied their proverbial cup, only to fill it with all the data, all the knowledge, all the science… all the necessary information to unearth the solution. Their work on a large southern California office structure and on a San Antonio groundwater project perfectly showcase and summarise the unparalleled value add offered by implementing the G3 Method. In both cases, competing firms offered narrow sighted solutions, falling victim to their own theories. The clients saved incredible time and monetary resources with the help of the G3SoilWorks team, who approached the projects with a truly limitless approach. In one project, the result was so quintessential of the G3 Method that other firms couldn’t even understand the solution. The lead developer on the project said “It was a solution nobody would have ever dreamed of”. Nobody but the G3SoilWorks team.

It’s these solutions, and many others, that keep clients firm believers in the G3 Method. As true lovers of the science they try to master, the G3 team is chomping at the bit to learn about your project, the geological challenges based before you, eager to execute their G3 Method in finding the best solution for your project. Visit us online to learn more about our company, call us at 714.668.5600, or submit a question to our team of skilled geologists, technicians, and engineers.

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