The G3 Method: a truly multidimensional approach

November, 30 2014

Close to absurdity, approaching a geological project with only one doctrine of discovery is like attempting to understand water while wholly ignoring ice and vapor. One doesn’t ignore the past or future in attempt to solve present problems. Medicine, economics, fitness, sociology, physics, music, religion, and any other discipline is exponentially better understood with a multifaceted approach. Trying to understand human behavior and relying solely on the findings of Freud would be absolutely ridiculous. What about the further understanding offered by neuroscience or cultural anthropologist? What about B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning or Pavlov and his dogs? A solitary approach to any subject, especially one as encompassing as earth science is painfully shortsighted and woefully expensive. This is one of many reasons why the G3 team is vehemently loyal to the G3 Method; a truly multidimensional approach.

Illustrated in the re-branding of Soil Works, to G3SoilWorks, the G3 team is a firm believer in the power of the three. Many earth science elements come in groups of three.

  • The three phases of water: water, ice, vapor
  • The three types of bedrock: sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous
  • The three types of soil: sand, silt, clay
  • The three basic phases of volume: expanding, maintaining, shrinking
  • The three states of time: past, present, future

Even the original components of the G3 team’s work came in a group of three; GeoTech, GeoForensic, Groundwater. It’s safe to assume, that the G3 team understands the multi-dimensionality of earth science. In fact, the G3 Method pivots on the understanding that every project must be handled with a broad and unbiased approach. Without understanding all the data, all the features of the land, specifically where the earth has been and where it is going, a rock solid solution is nothing more than a hope.

An explicit example of this was a hillside development project the G3 team was asked to advise on. A very large, very profitable office structure had a shifting foundation making the building uninhabitable by the city. Serious movement on site indicated landsliding below the building. Eight other engineering firms had all been on site, drilled holes, performed countless shear tests and index testing, proving the moving foundation was a landslide, however, none of their solutions stopped the foundation from moving. Finally the G3 team was called. Using the G3 Method, they took a step back, studied the surrounding land, looked through old aerial photos, used cross section 3D models, applied geometry, included plate tectonics and eventually discovered a fold. A fold that was missed by every other geologist on site. A fold that was the actual cause of the shifting foundation. A fold that once was shown to the geologist, elicited a standing applause. A fold that when treated properly, was counteracted and no longer shifted the foundation.

With the G3SoilWorks team, executing the G3 Method, clients are given incredible confidence and peace of mind, knowing that no factor will be overlooked, no data ignored, no dimension forgotten. The solution offered by the G3 team truly is multidimensional, and truly is, the best solution available. Visit us online to learn more about our company, call us at 714.668.5600, or submit a question to our team of skilled geologists, technicians, and engineers.

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