Ground vibration monitoring in Smart cities

April, 30 2019

Cities today have a lot of dependence on technology, and uncontrolled groundwork could disrupt their functioning.


What is ground vibration monitoring?

Ground vibration monitoring
is when ground vibration levels are measured and analyzed. It’s often carried out before the beginning of construction projects to have records of background levels of vibration, but can also be maintained while the project is underway. The monitoring aims to ensure that any buildings nearby remain unharmed by the construction that is happening.

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that uses technology to offer an optimized standard of living in terms of transport, utilities, energy, and safety. It aims to create less waste and lower consumption levels, which results in more affordable and sustainable living for all its residents.

Why is ground vibration monitoring important for smart cities?

Vibration monitoring is vital in any city, as this allows construction workers to be sure that structures are safe for people to live. In a modern city, damage due to vibrations can have a more substantial knock-on effect due to the integral role of technology. If these systems become unstable, the city will not be as efficient and may not function as it should. Therefore, while the city is built, vibration levels need to be carefully monitored.

Where vibration comes from and its effects

When developments and projects are constructed in a city, vibrations can occur as a result of heavy vehicles moving, removing concrete, demolishing unneeded structures, and piling. These vibrations may damage essential components of the city such as gas, water, and electricity lines as well as surrounding railways and viaducts. Not all construction results in the same level of vibration, with development occurring further away from the city usually having a lesser effect.

Some low level of vibration is normal and mostly harmless, but higher levels can even cause noise disturbances. If the vibration is very high, then the city’s infrastructure could suffer severe disruptions.

Ground vibration monitoring equipment

Monitoring ground vibrations requires specialized equipment, whether being carried out in an urban area on another construction site. Tools such as seismographs, displacement gauges, strain gauges, and accelerometers are commonly used. This is all processed by having a sensor that’s attached to a device for recording, which interprets the signal and stores it. Ground vibration monitoring equipment should always be handled by a professional who has been trained to use it safely and accurately understand readings.

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