Why Geoscience & Environmental Geology is Matter

July, 31 2019


Gaining a better understanding of Geoscience Services

Environmental services and consulting are becoming more important as companies strive to reduce their footprint on the environment. Whether you are looking for clean-up services or guidance before you start a project, Geoscience consulting can provide the environmental geology services that you require.  Whether your firm is actively working with hazardous materials, or such functions are performed on neighboring properties, it is in the best interest of your firm’s financial health to address such issues in a proactive manner.


Types of environmental assessments conducted by professional geoscience services teams

  • Chemical treatment and pollution reduction – a proactive approach to pollution and toxicity mitigation
  • Chemical fate evaluations – required steps following a spill or other chemical mishap
  • Environmental audits and backgrounds – a historical look at environmental events that have occurred on the property
  • Hazard assessment, mitigation, and risk management – a forward-thinking approach to handling the risks and dangers that come with working with hazardous materials
  • Environmental compliance testing and documentation – full adherence to governmental and industry standards that help to keep the environment safe and protected.
  • Clean-up and recovery – full recovery services following an event involving toxic chemical or hazardous materials.


Performing an ESA in a haphazard fashion is a recipe for environmental disaster and a sure-fire way to invite trouble. Utilizing geoscience services on a regular basis can prevent your firm from experiencing catastrophic accidents and events.

Your property value and integrity can be negatively affected by the use of chemicals on neighboring properties, or if such activities have occurred on your property in the past. With the right geoscience services, any potential issues can be identified, mitigated, and managed successfully. Environmental exposure and risk can take a serious toll on your firm’s profitability and valuation if they are not handled in the right manner and in a complete fashion.

Combining preventative, compliance, and recovery efforts with the guidance from a robust geoscience services team can help you to deal with all eventualities, no matter how they occur. Remaining compliant with in-place standards is only the first step in undertaking an appropriate approach to environmental protection.

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