Why a Groundwater Consultant Could be Useful in a Construction Project

September, 30 2019

Groundwater can be an alternative source of hydration during droughts and similar weather conditions, as well as a budget-friendly solution to store seasonal supplies.  Despite these uses, however, groundwater can also be tricky to deal with. It can be a hindrance to construction projects involving mining, as well as creating potential pathways of contamination in otherwise healthy bodies of water and soil. Bearing this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring groundwater consultants to liaise with during your construction period.

An assurance of health and safety concerns

As an expert in their field, groundwater consultants are also knowledgeable about any health and safety regulations you may want to bear in mind during the construction or excavation process.  Part of a groundwater consultant’s training is to spot incredibly minute details so they can assist you in quality checks, and control should the need arise.  Also, because groundwater consultants can focus on environmental legislation, it can leave you free to deal with other construction site regulations.

The setting and achievement of environmental targets

Another essential task of groundwater consultants is to cause the least amount of damage possible with every action they take during inspections. Even more importantly, there has been a significant shift in recent years towards protecting the environment and reducing human impact on the earth.  Because groundwater consultants specialize in precisely that, they can help you with setting reasonable environmental targets, such as the reduction of unnecessary emissions and waste.  If your company is trying to achieve this principle (and with the impact of climate change, it should), then hiring groundwater consultants will massively aid you in this mission.

Hiring an expert frees up other employees

While they might be highly effective in their roles, likely, most if not all of your employees will not be specialists in groundwater.  Thus, hiring groundwater consultants lifts the burden of trying to train existing employees (which would likely cost just as much and prove less useful).  Importantly, hiring a groundwater consultant means that your employees can focus on the actual construction task without worrying if what they’re doing will impact the groundwater.

So if reading this article has made you want to hire a groundwater consultant in Southern California, then get in touch with us here at G3SoilWorks. We have a friendly and knowledgeable soil and groundwater consulting team waiting to advise you on many environmental matters to maximize your productivity and profit from your next project.


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