3 Reasons to Hire a Construction Expert Witness

February, 29 2020

If you or your company is involved in litigation regarding a construction accident or injury, it’s essential to have a reliable construction expert on your side. Hiring a construction expert witness will increase your chances of success when dealing with these complex legal scenarios. An expert witness is someone who has an in-depth knowledge of construction and a long history of experience in the industry. Some construction litigation expert witnesses specialize in a particular sub-set of the construction industry. Here are three key reasons why you should hire a construction expert witness to assist with your litigation.

1. They can offer clear explanations for scientific processes

There are many standard practices in the construction industry that are difficult to understand without a scientific background. Without someone in the room who understands the complexities of various construction methodologies, it can be challenging to have any productive litigation. During the litigation, the construction expert witness will break down any key terms or concepts and make them easier to understand for the other parties involved. In particular, they can illuminate sophisticated engineering practices that only someone in the construction industry would be familiar with.

2. They are familiar with common practice in the construction industry

During litigation, it’s crucial to have someone impartial who has worked in the industry available to testify. A construction expert witness will bring unbiased information to the table to help the judge make a fair decision. These witnesses can testify about the appropriate estimates, scheduling practices, standard of care, and other critical issues that come up in the construction industry. Someone who isn’t familiar with the industry or has had little exposure to it may not be able to assess what is and isn’t appropriate for the given situation. This is particularly helpful if you are dealing with potentially unfair trade practices.

3. They can provide specialized information

Within the construction industry, there are many different types of projects and specialized careers. Many expert witnesses specialize in a specific type of construction. For example, depending on the type of case you are dealing with, you may need an electrician, a real estate developer, a specific type of contractor, or someone else entirely. It all depends on what type of expertise you’ll need most in the courtroom.

If you’re dealing with a challenging legal case in the construction field, don’t take the risk of going without a construction expert witness. There are times when having the right witness can genuinely make or break your case. Members of the G3Soilworks team can serve as construction expert witnesses for your court case. We’re based in Southern California and have extensive experience with a number of different types of construction. Contact us today!

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