Importance of Vibration Monitoring Services for Construction

February, 29 2020

Construction of a new building in any given area can potentially cause marring or other forms of cosmetic damage to structures adjacent to the construction site in question. Construction development in dense metro areas, however, is a necessity for the upward economic growth of a city. Building structures within such tight confines allow for the opportunity of vibration-related damages to be inflicted, which can lead to costly legal claims regarding the level of damage caused. Construction vibration monitoring services are crucial to nullifying the potential adverse effects of increased urban development within an already dense metropolitan area.

Vibration monitoring in a nutshell

Vibration monitoring utilizes advanced seismographic technology to report shifts and movements inside the ground caused by construction and demolition-related actions. Seismic activity travels outward from its source of origin, moving pieces of soil and rock in the process, which depending on their peak particle velocity (PPV), can cause structural damage in adjacent buildings.

Along with vibrations in the ground, construction vibration monitoring services also measure what is called “air overpressure” in total decibels as well. Peak sound pressure levels (PSPL) are critical to record since large amounts of air pressure can potentially shatter glass windows in the area surrounding the construction or demolition site.

How vibration affects nearby buildings

Vibrational damage can potentially affect buildings depending on their severity. The type of damage can range from minimal levels that do not risk structural damage to the highest levels that will cause severe and unavoidable cost.

Vibrational protection differs depending on the building in question. Most commercial structures can cope with two to four inches-per-second of peak particle velocity without any damage to the overall structure. This range would not be the case, however, for older kinds of buildings that are of historical value. Businesses or public services involved in the medical field, especially ones with machinery that might have vibrational sensitivities, need to be especially mindful of the vibrational tolerance of their respective buildings.

The importance of pre- and post-construction reports

The complexities of various kinds of vibrational activity make construction vibration monitoring services a crucial preventative step in determining safe levels of construction and demolition for all neighboring areas in proximity.  A survey of the area before and after any construction is crucial to establishing construction project guidelines.  In the case of a vibration-related incident, pre and post-inspection records are essential in determining the validity of an environmental damage-based claim.

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