What is a hydrogeologic study?

February, 29 2020

What is the function of the hydrogeologist during the study?

Whilst completing a study, hydrogeologists supervise the work of their team, or act independently (depending on the size of the study) and monitor information such as the movement and contents of groundwater. They will then display this data in a graph or chart form, identifying key pieces of information about the groundwater. After a study is complete, a hydrogeologist should have thorough knowledge about the physical properties of the body of water they are studying and be able to draw conclusions about its distribution, circulation, and rate of infiltration.

How is a hydrogeologic study useful?

Groundwater is often an important water supply. The flow of groundwater can create a baseflow through rivers and streams, making it essential for the health of plants and wildlife. It is therefore important to complete groundwater studies to ensure groundwater is not being polluted or used for industry work unsafely, creating an unsustainable habitat for fish and other living creatures.

Can groundwater be used for industry work safely?

Groundwater is utilized in many industrial processes, such as irrigation and crop maintenance. It can even be used as a supply of drinking water, particularly in locations where surface water is limited. Provided the infrastructure planning, management, and design of industrial processes are carried out by a professional team, groundwater can be used for multiple applications and industrial processes safely. A professional hydrologic analysis is required to ensure all processes are completed efficiently, e.g. to ensure low-impact techniques are used and to ensure any expansions are completed accurately.

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