Why is water extraction necessary after a flood?

February, 29 2020

If your home or business is near a body of water, you are at risk of experiencing a flood in intense weather conditions. Flooding can also happen if a pipe bursts. Having stagnant water sitting in your house can cause severe damage, so it’s essential to have water extraction experts help you remove the water as soon as possible. Here’s why flood water extraction is vital, particularly after a natural disaster like this.

Flooding can cause structural damage

After your house floods, the water can start to seep behind the walls and into the floors. Extensive flooding can damage the structural integrity of your house, and although you may not see this damage now, it can cause serious problems later on. When your home isn’t structurally sound, there is a much larger chance of the house collapsing. Water damage also means that your home will be less likely to stand up to natural disasters or any form of impact. Removing water from the structure quickly will reduce the chances of the walls or floor deteriorating.

Stagnant water can cause mold

Another reason to remove the water from your house right after a flood is mold. When water stagnates in your house, it creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Mold can be difficult to remove from your home, and in the worst cases, it can cause severe damage to your furniture or to the structure of the home itself. Mold and mildew buildup in your home can also cause health issues for those that live there. Water should be removed from the structure immediately before there is a chance for mold to develop.

Flooding makes your home uninhabitable

Another reason to call water extraction experts right after a flood is simply that you’ll need a comfortable place to live or work. When your house is flooded, it’s not safe to stay there, and leaving the water in place puts you and your family at risk. Likely, you’ll also end up spending money on temporary home or office space, which can get expensive quickly. Spending the money to have water extraction done right away is a smarter investment in the long run.

If your home or office is flooded, you should call a team of water extraction experts as soon as possible. G3Soilworks is a consulting agency based in Southern California that offers a vast array of geological services, including dewatering solutions. Contact us today to talk to an expert and learn more about our helpful water extraction services.

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