How can groundwater cause geotechnical problems

April, 30 2020

Groundwater can cause sinkholes to form, and it can even get into basements and cause flooding. Luckily, there are ways that you can prevent groundwater from causing problems on your property.

How can groundwater be damaging to your property?

If you have groundwater that’s relatively close to the surface, it could begin to flow into the basement of your home or business during rainstorms. Furthermore, it can be difficult to predict where groundwater will flow. That’s because the flow of groundwater is determined by the positions of rocks and roots beneath the surface of the soil, which makes the flow of it invisible to observers from the surface. In severe cases, large amounts of groundwater can enter into the basement through cracks in the foundation, which could cause serious flooding in your home or business.

In some cases, groundwater can carve out a path beneath the surface of the ground that forms into a cave or empty space. While many of these caves do have a surface entrance that’s visible, this is not always the case. As a result, a collapse can occur that results in an unexpected sinkhole on the surface, which could damage or destroy buildings on your property.

How can you keep groundwater from damaging your home or business?

Luckily, groundwater experts can use radar to detect water and empty spaces that are beneath the ground, which allows them to detect water that’s invisible from the surface. As a result, groundwater consultants will be able to provide advice on the best place to build your home or business within the property, which can make it less susceptible to flooding and other forms of groundwater damage.

In addition, grouting and other techniques can be utilized to reduce the risk of a sinkhole forming as a result of groundwater. Furthermore, the risk of flooding can be minimized by taking precautions to keep water out of your basement. In addition, sump pumps can be installed to prevent groundwater from causing flooding in basements. In most cases, the risk of groundwater causing damage can be greatly reduced by hiring skilled groundwater consultants.

We can help you keep groundwater from damaging your home or business

Our groundwater consultants are experts on groundwater mapping and groundwater hydrogeology. We are very familiar with how subsurface rocks and soil types that are common in southern California will affect the flow of groundwater, which allows us to develop strategies that will keep water out. So, get in touch with us today!

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