The importance of foundation analysis

May, 31 2020

This damage can be costly and harmful to your home’s residents or your customers. Not only can water damage make buildings more susceptible to infestations, but it can also cause mold growth. This can have harmful effects on an individual’s health. Luckily, hiring a skilled foundation analysis expert can help you plan your construction in a way that minimizes the risk of water damage.

If you’re looking for a great geotechnical engineering expert for foundation analysis, then we’re the right business for you to choose. We have extensive experience in studying the geology of properties in southern California, and we’ve helped people with an extensive range of construction projects. We can also help you to find groundwater for wells.

What will we do first when we’re performing foundation analysis?

The first step to any construction is creating the right foundation, and your foundation will be the first line of defense against groundwater. Foundation analysis experts will be able to examine the soil and rocks on your property to determine the best strategies for creating a durable foundation.

What are some other ways that we can improve your construction?

Also, we’ll be able to help you to determine whether or not you’ll need a sump pump to prevent water from collecting in your basement. Our foundation analysis experts can also help you to find clean well water for rural homes. That’s because we can map groundwater underneath the surface, which can allow you to know where the best places are to begin drilling.

Our analysis also can help you prevent sinkholes from damaging your home

Groundwater can cause open spaces underneath the surface, which can collapse. This can result in a sinkhole that can cause severe damage to your property. Luckily, our groundwater experts can detect these open areas under the surface, which can ensure that you avoid building over these areas.

We’re experienced when it comes to the construction of coastal properties

Many areas here in California are not too far from the ocean, and building on these properties requires unique strategies to prevent potential water damage. Not only are there particular concerns when it comes to groundwater when you’re building near the ocean, but you also will need to make sure that you create in an area that will not be affected by erosion caused by seawater.

We can help you build a foundation that’s earthquake-resistant

If you’re building in California, it’s essential to make sure that your home or business is as earthquake-resistant as possible. Luckily, geotechnical experts will be able to ensure that your construction is as safe as possible in the event of an earthquake. So, get in touch with us to improve your Southern California construction project with the advice of geological experts!

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