Risk Assessment In Geotechnical Engineering

May, 31 2020

Not only is California prone to earthquakes, but you also need to ensure that your home is protected from groundwater damage and other potential geological threats to your property.

How will we start our geotechnical assessment foundation analysis?

First, we’ll look at the subsurface soil structure, check for groundwater, and use radar to examine the structure of rocks underneath the surface. This will help us to decide where it will be suitable to build your foundation. Here are some things that we’ll look for during our geotechnical assessment foundation analysis:

1. We’ll look for open spaces under the surface during our geotechnical investigation

If there are open spaces under the surface of the ground, it can cause sinkholes to form if they collapse. Luckily, our underground radar will be able to detect these open spaces in the soil and rocks beneath the surface. We’ll be able to ensure that you do not build above these unstable areas, and this can prevent sinkholes from damaging or destroying your home or business.

2. We’ll find areas where the soil type is right for digging a basement

The types of rock and soil that are under the surface can influence how easy it will be to dig your basement. Luckily, we will be able to locate areas on your property that will be perfect for digging, which can speed construction.

3. We’ll check the underground rock structure to find the right digging site

The underground rock structure under your property will play a large role in the types of threats that you could face in the event of an earthquake, how susceptible your home or business will be to damage from groundwater, and the type of foundation that will be best. Luckily, our geotechnical assessment foundation analysis and risk assessment will include advanced ground-penetrating radar to determine what the structure of rocks is underneath your home or business.

After we examine the property during our geotechnical investigation, we’ll help you to design a foundation that’s perfect for your local geology

The type of foundation that’s needed depends on the geology in your location. Luckily, we’re experts on optimizing construction for all types of geology that are commonplace in California, which can help you ensure that you’re able to build a permanent and stable home or business.

Hiring us can prevent severe damage to your home or business

Sinkholes, groundwater, earthquakes, and other geological threats can cause millions of dollars worth of damage to your property. Luckily, hiring us for a geotechnical assessment can prevent or substantially mitigate these problems. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars, and it can even keep you from having to rebuild your southern California home or business.

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