Why do you need a Construction Forensic Investigation?

August, 31 2020

Construction Forensic Investigation is the collection and analysis of data in regards to construction projects. The study conducts a thorough investigation of the conditions of an area or building site.  The investigation analyses data to address problems within a building site such as wetting fronts, settlement expansion, lateral extension and other damage. The inspection includes photos, videos, measurements, and construction codes.

When is a Construction Forensic Investigation useful?

Construction Forensic Investigation is required when assessing construction issues such as mold and moisture damage, faulty building construction, cracks, and structural damage, leaks, and violations of local building codes and regulations. 

If you experience a problem in your home or commercial property, G3Soilworks can advise you on the best course of action.  We can initiate a professional investigation to define the issue and uncover the route of the problem.

Benefits of Construction Forensic Investigation

Documented findings

We will develop detailed reports based on our investigations. These findings are useful to you personally, but they can also be used as evidence if you enter a legal dispute. For example, it may be uncovered that the building was not constructed in line with regulations, and the building design team or construction entities were at fault. We will also be happy to provide expert testimony for you if the situation comes to that.

Future damage predictions

By analyzing the current state of the property and damage and taking into account the rate of distress, for example, in terms of a moisture problem, we can predict how fast the problem is likely to progress and the eventual state of the situation at hand. We can also give you a timeframe estimate, which will help you plan.

Cost predictions

Receive accurate cost predictions for fixing the damage and underlying issue causing the problem. This will help you to decide whether it is worthwhile to remedy the fault. For example, depending on your financial situation, fixing the problem may be too expensive to make it financially beneficial, and you may decide that relocation is a better option. Cost predictions will also enable you to layout a budget and payment timeframe for the necessary construction works if you choose to remedy the problem.

A recommended course of action

We can advise you on the best route to take to fix the problem and provide references for accredited companies we work with who will be able to carry out the works to a high standard.

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