Phase 1 environmental site assessment

March, 31 2021
Phase 1 environmental site assessment

Phase one of an environmental site assessment is a crucial first step. This assessment will be conducted on commercial properties, and it can lower your risk of suffering property damage. Here’s what you can expect in the first step of the process:

Geotechnical experts will assess the condition of the land during phase 1 environmental site assessment California – 90

Initially, measurements will be taken of the land to find a suitable building location, drill a well if necessary, and more. In addition, experts will look for underground storage tanks and other potential hazards caused by the land’s past use. Furthermore, records of the land’s previous uses will be examined in great detail, primarily to check for contamination hazards. These are some examples of contamination hazards that experts will look for:

– Asbestos

– Underground storage tanks with chemicals

– Contaminated water

– Unsafe levels of minerals in the water supply

– Whether the land was ever used for dumping of hazardous materials in the past

When will phase 1 environmental site assessment California – 90 be done?

Phase one of the environmental assessment will be performed before ownership of the property has been transferred. This will ensure that the buyer can decide whether or not they want the land.

The title and deed will be examined as well

In addition to evaluating the land itself, the title and deed will be examined in detail. This will ensure that there are no liens on the property, and you can be sure that the property has the right zoning for what you’ll be using it for.

How much will phase 1 environmental site assessment cost?

The specific cost varies from one property to another. However, a phase one study will cost somewhere around $2,500 to $4,500 in most cases. There are several important variables to consider, such as the size of the property and how difficult the assessment is to perform. For instance, properties that require extensive examination of underground structures will be more expensive to assess.

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