Phase 2 environmental site assessment

March, 31 2021
Phase 2 environmental site assessment

The second phase of the environmental site assessment will lead to a significantly more thorough assessment. Here’s what you need to know about phase two of environmental site assessments:

Who performs phase two environmental assessments?

Typically, the assessment is performed by someone with at least two years of experience in the industry. Also, the professionals performing the evaluation will have an ESA certification, which will ensure that they are able to assess just about any type of land properly. Furthermore, any additional requirements that your local region mandates will be met.

What are the differences between phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessments?

If your property passes phase one of the inspection, phase two will not be necessary. Phase two will include assessing and developing risk mitigation strategies if potential hazards are discovered on the property. This will help to minimize the risk of property damage and health risks from environmental contaminants. Furthermore, phase two assessments will be performed if further investigation into the titles and deeds is necessary.

The scope of a phase two assessment will vary from one client to another

Each phase two assessment is entirely different. Some clients will want to have a much more thorough assessment performed than others. Besides, the nature of the property risks will play an essential role in determining what this phase of the assessment will entail.

Some hazards are much easier to mitigate than others, and an environmental expert will make an accurate determination of what types of testing are needed during phase two. Here are a few examples of things that will be performed during phase two environmental site assessments:

– Surface soil analysis

– Underground boring and analysis

– Water analysis to detect hazardous materials

What are the most common reasons for phase two assessments?

The most common reason for a phase two environmental site assessment is the presence of hazardous substances in the soil or water. Often, this is due to the presence of contaminants under the ground or in groundwater. In other cases, these assessments are performed due to concerns about landslides, earthquakes, or other natural disasters that could affect your property.

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