Why Geotechnical Experts Are Important For Your Construction Project

November, 30 2021
Why Geotechnical Experts Are Important For Your Construction Project

One of the most important, yet at times overlooked, benefits geotechnical consultants offer a construction site is the understanding of hazards and risks and development of cost efficient solutions and mitigation.


Traditional benefits such as soil mechanics, foundation engineering, earth structures, ground vibration monitoring, and other geotechnical engineering aspects are more widely recognized since the management of resources is an engrained benefit.

Geotechnical consultants assess seismology, problems, engineering geologic, jurisdictional, and a wide range of other elements. These tasks ensure they don’t pose a risk later on during the construction process.

This article will highlight three essential elements that make geotechnical consultants necessary for any construction project.

Importance of Geotechnical Consultants

In essence, geotechnical engineers are responsible for the evaluation of the ground and soil conditions in question. This includes man-made and natural issues alike, ranging from laws and jurisdictions to the surface and underground elements. The core expertise offered by geotechnical consultants include:

Applied Geology

Geotech consultants use their vast knowledge of geological principles, rock mechanics, and geophysical techniques to facilitate civil engineering and architectural plan development and develop suitable hazard mitigation. All land subsidence and natural hazard mitigation techniques/tests are used to investigate the terrain as a whole.

The idea is to reduce the risk of mishaps during and after the construction process. Without these consultants, contractors may promise that the building will not develop distress during the construction process.

Management/Allocation of Resources

This is particularly useful in areas where the same set or similar tools and resources need to be used in more than one project. Allocation is key in such circumstances or when the construction company eventually faces an issue or delay.

Geotechnical consultants are experts at resource allocation, particularly natural resource allocation, to ensure smooth operations and minimal delays. Not only that, but they can also recommend a specific type of resource, tool, or machinery to be used on a project, based on the resources available, geographical constraints (natural and man-made), and the geological condition(s).

Geosystem Exploration

Finding natural resources can prove tricky, especially when identifying rock type, quality and volume. This interdisciplinary specialization focuses on preliminary exploration and research.


Secondary focuses include geosystem-related exploration. This exploration is done to either help clients extract natural resources from the construction site before work begins or help clients find a suitable construction site.

Those overlooking construction sites should understand the importance of geotechnical consultants for construction projects and the value a simple audit can add in the long run. If you would like to learn more about how we can help or are ready to hire one, G3 SoilWorks is ready and waiting for your call to help you out! Click here to schedule a free quotation and a strategy session with an expert today, or call us directly at 714-668-5600



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