Mitigate Your Construction Risk With Ground Vibration Monitoring

May, 31 2022
Mitigate Your Construction Risk With Ground Vibration Monitoring

Ground vibration monitoring is the process of measuring and documenting the passing movements in the ground. Industries like construction, mining, and manufacturing employ the use of various heavy equipment that generates substantial vibrations.

Construction projects, in particular, carry various responsibilities with their execution. Drilling, excavation, and bulldozing machinery can shake the ground under buildings within a construction site. Over time, the ground vibrations caused by construction projects can cause wear and tear to the surrounding buildings.

The use of ground vibration monitoring equipment can help you take the necessary measures to limit the risks involved in the construction industry. By providing you with clear and tangible data about the vibration levels, vibration monitoring services allow you to take corrective actions to bring ground vibration levels under control.

Construction companies must comply with strict standards to meet local regulations, ensuring that they do not create any risks. Vibration monitoring allows construction contractors to provide evidence to prove their compliance with regulations. It helps them make the right decisions to prevent their projects from being beset with expensive legal action and the resulting damage to their reputation that might ensue.

Vibration monitoring begins by determining the areas most likely to experience problems before a construction project starts. Expert professionals evaluate the construction site, gather data on the construction equipment and methods that will be used on the project, and create an estimated model of the ground vibration levels that could result from the construction work.
Assessing the potential ground vibration levels before a construction project begins acts as a heads-up for the site and project managers. By using the estimates, field experience, and actual ground vibration levels once the project starts, project managers can take a proactive approach to mitigate ground vibration problems before they appear.

When construction projects begin, vibration monitoring is useful to constantly measure the peak particle velocity (PPV). Regulations define the PPV levels. Contractors and subcontractors are briefed about ensuring that the PPV levels remain within the predetermined limits throughout the construction project. Vibration monitoring sensors send information to seismographs, allowing close monitoring of PPV levels and vibration frequency distribution.

Modern ground vibration monitoring services set lower acceptable PPV levels for construction sites with lower vibration frequencies to mitigate the damage they can cause. Vibration monitoring is necessary to prevent the potential damage caused by construction work. Suppose you are planning to start a construction project soon. In that case, we recommend giving G3 Soilworks a call today to use our ground vibration monitoring services and a complete forensic report to ensure the success of your next project site.

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