Building a New Building? Drainage Options Are Very Important!

December, 31 2022

Proper drainage should always be one of the first considerations you must tackle when planning a new construction project of any size. This is true whether you are a self-builder combating the construction of your dream home or are representing a company that undertakes large-scale housing or mixed-use development construction projects.

A sound groundwater drainage system can help you control the flow of water and any pools that might form in places where water is common. During construction, drains are used in bathrooms and kitchens where showers and sinks are common. They are also used in landscaping where koi ponds, swimming pools, and sprinklers might produce excess water. Today, we will look at the top three drainage options commonly used in a new construction project.


Traditional Drains

Traditional drains are standard and ideally use curbs or other barriers to help separate wet and dry areas. These barriers can work alongside a primitive-style drain and are ideal for sinks, showers, and bathtubs where curbs and other water barriers are present.

However, it’s more and more common for bathrooms and showers to lack curbs or any other kind of barrier these days. Since such barriers can make getting in and out of the bathroom more difficult, designers often try to avoid adding them in the shower areas. Individuals who have mobility issues may also face difficulty utilizing a shower that has a curb. When you are working on a construction project where a basin or curbless shower is installed, a traditional groundwater drainage solution will not work.


Linear Drains

If you are working on a construction project where you must install a curbless shower or any other barrier-free element that needs a drain, consider installing a linear drain. Unlike a traditional groundwater drainage solution, a linear drain features a shallow channel and a less invasive design, which enables you to lower your floor height around the shower. These drains are also an ideal drainage option compatible with several modern tanking techniques.

Waterproofing or tanking a bathroom is often done differently across the US. In most cases, people tend to use rubber liners. However, in some areas, builders use copper and other liner styles to meet the project’s aesthetic and style standards. Most linear groundwater drainage solutions are compatible with rubber, copper, PVC, and other modern tanking techniques.


Pre-Sloped Trench Drains

If you want in-flow drainage systems to work, you must construct a slightly sloped floor. If you wish to establish an in-floor groundwater drainage solution in your next construction project, we suggest you look into pre-sloped trench drains. Unlike traditional in-floor drainage, pre-sloped trench drains don’t require standard four-sloped floors. It is compatible with two-sloped floors and is a great choice to minimize the various levels of flooring a property features. Moreover, pre-sloped trench drains are much easier to install and need no extra maintenance in the long haul.

All styles and types of drainage options we use were made for a reason. Some drains are designed to perform better in certain situations. However, doing some research is an ideal way to select the right drain for your project. A traditional groundwater drainage system might suit your next sink installation, but a new walk-in shower construction project might require a linear drain.


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