Steven E. Strickler graduated from California State University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In 1990 he finished his studies by completing his Continuing Engineering Education. With over 29 years of experience in the fields of geotechnical and soil engineering, including 16 years as a principle, Stricker’s background provides extensive knowledge in the specialties of Forensics, Materials, Slope Stability and Repair, Land Planning and Overall Site Assessments, and General Earthwork Observations and Testing.

In the last 29 years, he has honed his comprehensive knowledge in diverse landscapes such as Southern and Northern California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico. Such varied geological regions have helped diversify his expertise in grading and construction, earth and groundwater exploration, soils science, environment assessment, remote sensing and any additional monitoring required to begin or complete a project. He uses this experience to assist projects that involve foundations, ground and slope stabilization and remediation, geofabrics, mechanically stabilized earth, geogrids, composite drainage, moisture or vapor, control, compaction grouting, post-tension, and other specialty foundations.

Skilled in forensic earth science, Steven E. Strickler can provide expert witness services in behalf of homeowners, developers, environmentalists, and corporations. He is registered in California as a civil engineer, as well as a geotechnical engineer. Additional registrations include a Nuclear Density Gauge Operator Certificate and Registered Environmental Assessor (REA). Strickler is affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers and USA Cycling.
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Mr. Fanning is a highly skilled geotechnical professional, and is very adept in structural geology, hydrogeology, foundation design, seismicity, geologic hazards and forensic evaluation, and earthwork and construction procedures. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with a wide variety of client types and government agencies. He has also served as a subject matter expert for the California Board of Registration for Geologists and Geophysicists, and as a textbook and article reviewer for Association of Engineering Geologists. Mr. Fanning served by appointment of the Governor of California to the Department of Conservation’s State Mining and Geology Board. Mr. Fanning is experienced in all aspects of land acquisition / due diligence, hillside grading, grading plan review, resource / land recovery and remediation, utility trench work, roadway and bridge construction, and the geotechnical aspects of environmental restoration, landfill construction and closure, and surface mining and other past legacy reclamation. Supplementing his extensive design and construction / grading experience is a strong forensic evaluation background. He has major forensics / defect and damage evaluation and repair experience – including being a lead field investigator of the I-10 collapse, serving on Allstate and Fireman’s Fund Catastrophe Teams regarding the Northridge Earthquake; and for the Bureau of Reclamation / IID / CalEMA regarding major structure damage evaluation and repair resulting from the El Mayor Easter 2010 Earthquake. His resume also includes nomination as a Judicial Technical Reference.

He is also experienced in difficult and high profile commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential, and mixed use projects, particularly with regard to earthwork performance, clay soils, structural geology, engineering hydrogeology, and soft rock behavior for numerous high-end clients, both private and public. Mr. Fanning is particularly adept at issues relating to expansive soils, water-moisture-vapor transmission, surface and subsurface drainage, concrete foundations (including post-tensioned) and appurtenances, MSE and geogrid / geotextiles, soil embankment and slope issues, and thermodynamics / fate / equilibria of soils, rock, and water.

Mr. Fanning has also performed a wide variety of environmental studies, including ESA’s on a wide variety of property types and conditions, contaminant migration modeling, chemical evaluations, site remediation, and water quality studies. Current and relatively recent projects include working for several private developers in water resources development, storm water processing and recovery, and groundwater issues; working as a liaison and consultant to various water agencies including Imperial Irrigation District, County of Kern, Lee Lake Water District, Coachella Valley Water District, and Vail Lake Water Assurance; as well as for groundwater replenishment and storage in the southern California QSA program.

With regard to monitoring, Mr. Fanning has strong experience with both work-plan formulation / compliance, and actual hands-on applications of monitoring – both directly and via remote sensing for a variety of parameters and project types. These parameters include vibration, sound, dust / air quality, inclinometer, TDR, tilt-meter, survey monumentation, settlement and foundation deformation, crack propagation, soil and slab moisture / vapor, groundwater levels and pumping, channel flow, water quality and chemistry, and soil chemistry.

As Principal of G3SoilWorks, Mr. Fanning’s main duties are focused on the forward lines of project development and client service. He takes a direct, active role in meeting project challenges – both technical and political – and serves as the Principal-in- Charge on projects under his purview, often as the direct contact for clients and their project teams.
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