Laboratory Manager, Bill Asprey, is a veteran in the geotechnical field with over 15 years experience performing field observations and testing during mass grading and on-site construction for numerous projects in Irvine, CA. His extensive knowledge makes him an expert in hillside and open land grading for commercial, industrial, and residential development.

Since 1998, projects that require careful documentation of asphalt pavement laydown are appointed to Bill Asprey’s extended experience. Using careful project documentation and inspection he observes limits of work, equipment used, asphalt mix temperatures, and provides samples for field density test results to insure proper steps are taken during the construction process.

Asprey has been responsible for the observation and testing of pavement subgrade soils and pavement aggregate base course in multiple Irvine projects. Some of his specialties and responsibilities include monitoring and verifying mix temperatures during laydown to verify that asphalt mix temperatures fall within specifications for optimized laydown and compaction, recording weather conditions, the use of a nuclear density gauge to test the density of the placed hot mix asphalt, the securing of representative samples of asphalt mix for laboratory testing, as needed, and compete documentation.
P: 714.875.6138