I consider G3 to be the most premier, sophisticated soil professionals in the industry… G3 has always been able to provide an answer where 3-4 other firms could not.

Ira Lebovic | Litigation Lawyer
Aliso Viejo, CA 2014

Larry Fanning happened to be on the [California] State Geology board, so that helped us in negotiations with the various agencies to get them to understand our situation and why we didn’t have tremendous risks. He knew the people, he knew the words, he knew the process, and that helped us not have to spend money sooner than we needed to and to actually come up with the right solution for our mine reclamation plant.

Blair D. Dahl | Developer/Builder
Irvine, CA 2014

I wanted to express my appreciation for the fine work Larry Fanning did as an expert in a tree root damage case I recently tried in Superior Court. Larry did a superb work-up and came into court thoroughly prepared. His demeanor on the witness stand is excellent, and he handled questions in an easy going manner while maintaining excellent credibility.

John C. Barber, ESQ | Barber & Bauermeister
Santa Ana, CA 2015

They were always thinking of ways to solve problems, along with traditional solid geology. They were integral to our design team, our EIR process and made it all work exceedingly well.

Developer/Builder |
Orange County, CA 2012

I had the recent pleasure of working with Larry Fanning and his geotechnical team at G3 SoilWorks on a hotly contested case involving groundwater and moisture intrusion issues in a residential community. SoilWorks brought structure to a difficult investigation, developed a brilliant set of protocols, identified and collected critical data, and educated the legal team on the science of groundwater and drainage dynamics. Mr. Fanning, with his deep understanding of the subject matter, was pivotal to our ability to present these complex topics in a digestible manner. And more importantly, the entire team at G3 cares about the integrity of the investigative process and the accuracy of the outcome. They never waivered in their adherence to sound scientific methods, insightful forensic analysis, and scrupulous data collection. They labored under difficult circumstances, diagnosed key problems, never lost sight of the objective, and handled deadlines with aplomb. I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Fanning, Bach Tien, and the entire SoilWorks team again. They made a huge difference and they care. They are true professionals.

Timothy J. Tatro, ESQ. | Tatro & Zamoyski, LLP.
San Diego, CA 2014

This is brilliant, if we could make every project do this, we would.

Riverside County Flood Control |
Riverside, CA 2013

The team at Don McCoy Corporation and I have worked with the principles of G3SoilWorks, Larry Fanning and Steven Strickler for many years. We have done numerous hillside grading jobs that require on-the-job decision making to help resolve construction issues that regularly come up on site. They have proven time and time again the necessary decision making and problem solving skills that our type of work requires. Due to their level of experience and knowledge in hillside grading and master planned communities, we look forward to having them as part of our development team on future projects.

Don McCoy | Don McCoy Corporation
San Juan Capistrano, CA 2014

What the G3 Team came up with was a solution that nobody would have even dreamed of.

Blair D. Dahl | Developer/Builder
Irvine, CA 2014

G3’s passion for solving difficult problems is why I’d trust them with any project.

John Browning | Litigation Lawyer
Newport Beach, CA 2014

Thank you for the outstanding job, you guys really deliver! G3SoilWorks value is immeasurable. I was impressed by your teams’ ability to step out of their comfort zone and take a strong position on the science involved that others were skeptical about. Some companies can be wishy washy with their stance, not G3. When I showed your report to our HOA, they said your investigation turned the tables.

Lou Malone | President, New Millennium Homes
Calabasas, CA 2014


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